Helping a global bank launch a standalone digital retail bank from scratch.

Credera helped a global bank reach their ambitious goal of creating a brand-new digital bank from scratch.

At a glance

Credera partnered with this banking giant to build a cloud-first digital retail bank from scratch. A high degree of freedom was given to the engineers building it, and we oversaw the production, delivery, and reporting of this digital product.

The Challenge

Establishing a new digital bank that was high-quality, compliant, and innovative.

Pivoting offerings to adapt to digital consumers’ needs is a challenge many companies are facing. However, our client understood the opportunities that adapting to a digital market could bring and were keen to ensure that their vision was executed on time and to the highest possible quality.

They needed us to help manage their risks, as the engineers working on the project were given a blank slate to produce and define the bank’s payment, analytics, financial crime, and back office systems.

They also needed an authority to speak on behalf of the new bank in discussions with internal and external stakeholders.

The Solution

Cloud-first AWS platform.

Our engineers worked with the client’s internal risk teams to develop a bespoke toolset to detect internal cyber security weaknesses.

We championed pushing cyber security considerations earlier in the development lifecycle, facilitated threat modelling sessions, and automated security controls.

We also spoke on behalf of the new bank with critical internal and external stakeholders, including executive and non-executive directors, regulators, and strategic suppliers.

The Results

Real-world digital bank created within three months.

We were able to take the bank from a proof-of-concept environment to a secure, scalable infrastructure suitable for mass beta-testing in the real-world within three months. We led the delivery of the new digital bank and oversaw the successful integration of third-party security and fraud systems.

Our technology improvements enabled an increase in production release from monthly to daily. We also created a brand new and bespoke way to manage cybersecurity risk in a continuously changing environment.

We gave risk analysts real-time insight into the state of the bank’s cloud systems, something which would have previously required paper-based audits.

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