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Many organisations struggle to find the right way to implement AI in their business. The complex landscape of AI technologies, frameworks, and tools can be daunting and lead to inaction. Data quality and accessibility also challenge organisations when AI models need access to clean, relevant, and diverse data for efficient training. Lastly, the integration of AI into existing workflows and processes can disrupt the organisation without careful change management to ensure adoption. 

At Credera, we work with clients to avoid these pitfalls with our holistic approach to AI implementation. We help organisations find the right way to realise value from AI-based solutions, whether that is using AI integrated into packaged software, building on top of foundational model APIs, or training a custom model. Whatever technology is used, we help integrate it into your processes to help automate and inform your business. 

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Integrate AI into your organisation and beat the competition.

Find the next step in your AI journey through deep expertise in AI-backed solutions.

AI as Customer Support

Transform customer support with AI to create a new channel for unparalleled service.

Dynamic Pricing

Analyse the impact of market trends, competitor actions, and customer behaviour to drive pricing strategies with precision.

Share of Mind Analysis

Monitor your brand’s share of mind across social and traditional media channels in real time to stay ahead of the curve and make data-driven decisions.

Automated Metadata

Automate the creation of information about your data—metadata—in real time while eliminating manual data entry and streamlining your data management process.

AI Process Mining

Analyse large datasets with AI algorithms to pinpoint process inefficiencies, enabling data-driven decisions for process optimisation and streamlining.

AI Recruiting

Make data-backed decisions to use data to hire top talent that will accelerate your business.


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