Cloud Strategy & Architecture

Managing cloud projects worth £1 billion over the last five years.


Create the right environment for success.


We have deep expertise across AWS, Azure, and GCP, reflected in both our certifications and our partnerships. We drive the best value for our clients, developing business cases and designing cloud architecture that is future-proof.

Cloud Strategy & Architecture CAPABILITIES

Create a cloud architecture that meets growing demands.

Open up your organisation to new products, greater innovation, and a deeper understanding of your customer with our capabilities and experience.

Cloud Data Enablement

Selecting and implementing the right cloud services to solve data challenges at scale.

Cloud Architecture Advisory

Helping our customers achieve best practice architectures in the cloud migration programmes.

Cloud-native Solutions

Design and build of cloud-native applications and serverless solutions.

Cloud Strategy Advisory

Collaboratively developing achievable short and long term roadmaps for cloud adoption and excellence.

Cloud Business Case

Building an understanding of the total cost of cloud and what that means for your organisation.

Cloud Operating Model

Helping our customers achieve operational excellence in their cloud environments.

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