Analytics Engineering & Insights

Building and running successful data & analytics products and services.


Use analytics to give you a competitive advantage.


Businesses increasingly need to curate and commoditise their data & analytics products at significant scale, across a widening variety of data. To do so requires analytics ecosystems that enable responsiveness to change and can handle increasing complexity, ensuring consumers can continue to meet demand for new insight.

Through a combination of business & technical leadership, as well as hands-on engineering and advanced analytics experience, our consultants work in collaboration with our clients to help them build and run successful data products.

Analytics engineering and commoditisation - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Engineered solutions that meet your unique data & analytics needs.

Open up your organisation to new data & analytics products, greater innovation, and a deeper understanding of your customer through our capabilities and experience.

Data Mesh Delivery

Design and implementation of data & analytics services that enable cross-functional domain teams.

Data & Analytics Ecosystems

Bringing together data, analytics, and platform capabilities into a cohesive experience.

Open Data Frameworks

Free the data within your organisation and beyond.

Advanced Analytics

Complex data engineering and machine learning that delivers enterprise value.

Maturity Assessments

Helping build the foundations for sustainable data & analytics capabilities.

DataOps and MLOps

Effective operationalisation and curation of data & analytics products.

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