Data Strategy & Management

Defining and executing data strategy and implementing data management for UK Government and Global FTSE 100 companies.


Use data to conquer your greatest challenges.


Modern enterprises require cutting-edge data & analytics capabilities, but often struggle due to a lack of data strategy, gaps in data management capabilities, and poorly defined data operating models.

We bring proven methods and real experience to uplift existing capabilities and institute new ways of working, as well as managing the ethical and regulatory risks that can arise from the use of data.

Data Strategy & Management CAPABILITIES

Realise future-proof data strategy that meets your business demands.

Using the power of data, enable your organisation to deliver greater innovation and utilise a deeper understanding of your customers.

Data & Analytics Strategy

Define and execute strategies to connect business and stakeholder drivers and stakeholder outcomes to data & analytics products, services, and capabilities.

Maturity Assessments

Benchmark data & analytics capabilities against industry standard and proprietary frameworks to identify gaps and develop roadmaps towards greater maturity.

Data Management Capabilities

Institute new data management capabilities to ensure that your data is governed, proactively managed, and continuously improved over time.

Data Operating Models

Define target operating models that allow you to maximise the value of your data solutions, such as critical data platforms.

Open Data & Ethics

Free your data to enable innovation and use external sources with confidence. Manage the ethical risks of advanced analytics solutions.

Data Mesh Architecture

Embrace the Data Mesh Architecture to improve the quality and lead time of data & analytics solutions and shift your organisation away from monolithic architectures.

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