Modern Data Platforms

Find increased agility from a modern data architecture approach that opens up your organisation to new products, greater innovation, and a timely, deeper understanding of your customers.


Empowering clients using cloud-native data services.


The ever-increasing volumes of data, combined with near-real time demands on analytics, have put increasing strain on data platforms that do not meet the needs of the business. Our consultants have years of experience in building modern cloud-hosted data platforms that are capable of scaling and adapting to meet rapidly evolving business demands in data and analytics.

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Create a data platform that can be flexed to meet your demands.

Open up your organisation to new products, greater innovation, and a deeper understanding of your customer with our capabilities and experience.

Cloud-native Platforms

Leverage the scalability of a cloud-native platform and gain an advantage in flexible pricing, storage, and performance of your data processing.

Data Platform Accelerators

Use our ‘data platform as code’ accelerators to help you to deploy a data platform on any of the three major cloud providers.

Data Engineering

Make use of our experienced Data Engineering team to help deliver complex data platforms at any scale.

Cloud-native Architecture

Helping your organisation develop future-proof, cloud-native data architectures that are fit for the modern world.

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