Data Enablement

Transform experiences and decision-making through data.


Use data to unlock your organisation’s potential.


We believe the future of data architecture is a decentralised one, with power as close to the business as possible. Our Engineers work with your teams to get their data delivered, clean, and discoverable as data products, and help you to build and deploy tools to extract value from that data.

We can build the capabilities to integrate AI and machine learning within your business processes and decision making, helping you to drive your analytics transformation and the move to being a data-driven organisation. With these foundations, your organisation can delight its customers, make better decisions, and spend less time on manual tasks.

Data Enablement - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Unlock scaled advantage.

Unlock deeper understanding of your customers, processes, and performance.

Cloud Data Platforms

Build platforms and pipelines in the cloud that enable data analytics at a huge scale without the significant operational overhead.

Distributed Data Architectures

Establish the infrastructure and patterns that enable a decentralised, product-centric approach to data integration and analytics.

Innovation in Production

Apply automation and DataOps practices to reduce the time it takes to create new analytics, without compromising on service levels.

Applied AI & ML

Leverage cloud-based AI and ML capabilities to create personalised customer experiences, identify new opportunities, and optimise your performance.

Self-Service Data Solutions

Give your teams secure, reliable, and direct access to the data and tools they need to make better-informed decisions.

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