Platform Engineering

Build firm foundations for innovation and transformation in the cloud.


Empower your teams to innovate with the cloud.


In a world where new products must reach the market in weeks and not years, time spent waiting for infrastructure and pipelines can mean missed opportunity. You need reusable platforms that enable your business to create and innovate safely.
We have extensive experience of building platforms that empower teams outside of IT to develop experiences and applications rapidly. Through automated guardrails, continuous delivery practices, and internal open source models, our platforms allow the business to innovate closest to the customer.

Platform Engineering CAPABILITIES

Accelerate, re-use, and automate.

Establish the platforms and practices needed for digital transformation.

Cloud Platform Engineering

Create secure, connected landing zones in the cloud for your teams to build, migrate, and experiment.

Continuous Delivery Acceleration

Enable teams to start delivering to production at the click of a button, with templated pipelines, environments, and build infrastructure.

Reusable Infrastructure

Drive re-use and reduce provisioning time using templated infrastructure as code and automated infrastructure pipelines.

Cloud-native Operations

Evolve your operational practices for the cloud era, embracing observability and automation to deliver better services at lower cost.

Compliance Through Automation

Use automation to enable cloud users to be productive, without exposing the organisation to risk.

Organisational Design & Governance

Design an organisation with appropriate governance structures to accomplish the right goals with the right resources, at the right time, through deploying effective change management strategies to ensure success.

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