Technology Strategy

Technology plays a pivotal role in delivering business outcomes. Organisations of all sizes must understand how they embrace technology to differentiate themselves from their competition.


A strategy to successfully deliver business outcomes.


Organisations need to respond quickly to competitors, create great customer experiences, improve productivity, and make valuable decisions. Credera uniquely understand the opportunity technology gives for delivering these outcomes.

As a trusted partner of organisations of all sizes, Credera has established strategies which include the use of cloud, big data, AI and DevOps. Credera’s Technology Strategy Framework accelerates the delivery of technology transformation recognising that, whilst all organisations are different, there are patterns of success across technology change journeys.

Technology Strategy - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Leverage technology to deliver business outcomes and competitive differentiation.

Create a holistic technology strategy that combines your organisation’s strengths, market opportunities, and our experience to deliver competitor advantage.

Business-driven Technology Strategy

Making sense of the fast-evolving technology landscape in support of business outcomes is non-trivial. Credera helps organisations identify how technology can add maximum business value.

Disruptive Technology Strategy

Forward thinking organisations recognise that technology not only enables business outcomes, but also creates opportunities to be truly disruptive. Credera helps organisations understand how technology can empower them to operate differently.

Technology Architecture

Organisations that can adapt quickly have a substantial market advantage. Credera helps organisations assess and transform their systems with modern architectures that are optimised for rapid, multi-dimensional change.

Transformational Leadership

Organisations need to collectively work towards common outcomes across delivery and operations. With the right alignment and communication of vision, accomplishing world-class reliability and quality at speed is achievable.

DevOps and Agile

Having the right organisational processes improves the effectiveness of delivery. Credera’s DevOps maturity assessment identifies a strategy to make meaningful improvements across practices and architecture.

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