Agile & DevOps Transformation

Emerging technology has created a highly competitive technology landscape and an ever-changing market. Unlock your organisation’s innovation and competitive advantage by increasing your business agility and speed to market.


Unlock agility and adapt to rapid market changes.


Many organisations find themselves operating in silos, following complicated and inefficient processes, built across many years, with lengthy lead times and minimal direct customer engagement. These organisations don’t have the flexibility to respond to ever-changing customer needs.

Lasting transformation requires senior leaders to become role models, fostering and exhibiting collaboration, empowerment, and trust. We coach leaders to promote a safe environment for experimentation and learning whilst focusing teams on outcomes, problem solving, code quality, and repeatable automation.

Agile & DevOps Transformation - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Embedding modern ways of working and scaling the Agile enterprise.

We work across organisations to further increase value from Agile, accelerate customer release cycles, and embed customer-centric thinking, quality, and automation.

Agile Ways of Working and Scaling

Helping you develop truly T-shaped and multi-skilled Agile teams by driving the adoption of Scrum, Kanban, or Scaled Agile.

Agile Enablement, Coaching, and Training

Tailored Agile coaching and training for senior leaders and teams. Workshop facilitation, Agile tools implementation, and training.

Business Agility - Informed Transform

Transform to a hierarchical organisation with products and value-focused teams. Introduce agility to Governance, Finance, and HR.

Products & Services Management

Our product management is the intersection between business, technology, and customers, and drives customer-centricity, user experience, and improved usability.

Agile Product Teams

Our multi-skilled teams of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, UX Designers, Engineers and Tech Specialists are quick to innovate and deploy digital products.

DevOps Strategy and Scaling

DevOps means reducing handoffs by code automation and configuration management, continuous integration and delivery, testing, and monitoring.

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