Application Modernisation

Unlock the data and functionality trapped within your legacy systems.


Compete and win in the digital era.


Legacy and ageing systems can inhibit an organisation’s ability to change and are a key consideration when developing a strategy for digital transformation. But transformation requires more than just application changes—there are impacts to the organisation, tools and processes, application architecture, and infrastructure.

Whether sunsetting applications or rebuilding them from the ground up, Credera’s diverse capabilities in both business and technology can be used to reach your legacy modernisation goals.

Application Modernisation - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Reach your technology modernisation goals.

Leverage our application modernisation capabilities to improve innovation, speed, agility, collaboration, and customer centricity.

Application Modernisation Assessment

Visualise your technical debt and identify incremental improvements that will provide the greatest return on investment.

Cloud-native Architecture

Reimagine your applications for the cloud, using modern, serverless architectures to reduce costs whilst delivering at pace.

Application Release Acceleration

Shorten your application release cycles and reduce time-to-recovery through the automation of development, test, and deployment cycles.

Legacy Application Integration

Unlock innovation by creating an internal API ecosystem, simplifying access to both modern and legacy capabilities.

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