Programme & Change Leadership

We provide proven solutions to challenges within public and private organisations seeking to transform, modernise, and streamline the way they operate, govern, and lead through change.


Transform, modernise, and streamline to design and embed sustainable change.


Organisations are transforming, growing, and changing at an ever-increasing pace. Words like structure, measurement, rigour, and governance appear to be the polar opposite of the values of agility, speed, and innovation. In the struggle to satisfy customer demand and deliver faster, organisations fail to meet their strategic objectives, fall short of their intended business benefits, and suffer from inconsistent adoption and performance.

At Credera, we believe there must be balance in the way organisations operate, lead through change, and invest in excellence that incorporates the right level of structure, rigour, measurement, and governance in an Agile manner. With experienced leaders, modernised processes, and strategic tools, Credera helps identify client priorities, improve quality around delivery, enhance leadership, and improve ROI to future-proof organisations, enabling them to consistently deliver against their strategies and initiatives on time, on budget, and with excellence.

Programme and Change leadership - Transformation_Programme_Leadership___Organisation CAPABILITIES

Transformation that creates real, tangible, and long-lasting results.

Lead change with organisational alignment, modern processes, and governing excellence.

Portfolio Management

Leverage proven techniques, frameworks, and leaders that will implement a portfolio capability that enables an organisation to properly align and manage work, resources, and investments to the business strategy and delivery objectives.

Programme & Project Management

Create rigour for programmes by implementing programme management best practices, including stakeholder alignment, risk mitigation, and issue resolution that drive successful initiatives that are on time, on budget, and in accordance with key metrics.

Organisational Change Management

Focus on the people factors around deploying a new technology or way of doing business that leads to successful transformations, increased adoption, and full realisation of desired business benefits.

Agile Leadership Methodology & Training

Quickly blueprint and introduce a tailored Agile approach and improve through testing. Train and coach senior leaders as role models, leading by example.

Operational Dashboards & Reporting

Use strong data and visualisation capabilities to identify performance trends and patterns beyond traditional reporting to enable leaders to make and execute data-driven, data-aware decisions.

Organisational Design & Governance

Design an organisation with appropriate governance structures to accomplish the right goals with the right resources, at the right time, through deploying effective change management strategies to ensure success.

Process Optimisation

Deliver high-quality process improvement, process optimisation, and process re-engineering engagements.

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