Structured Innovation

We guide companies to innovate with a structured approach that combines design thinking with a systematic process.


Lead with innovation.


Reimagine. Redesign. Implement. It is common for organisations to promote innovation but knowing where to start and what to do is more difficult. We believe a structured approach to innovation can guide companies to identify, curate, and execute winning initiatives to grow their markets. Companies must learn not just to respond to change but to lead with innovation.

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Strike the balance between the art and science of innovation.

Our cross-functional teams of consultants work with you to grow your market and beat disruption with comprehensive capabilities.

Current State Assessment

Understand the 'current state' of innovation capabilities and, more importantly, where to focus improvements.

Design Sprint

Move from idea to user-tested prototype for a single concept through a facilitated design thinking workshop.

User Research Sprint

Understand customers’ usage habits and decision-making through qualitative and quantitative research.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Strategy

Help companies successfully launch new DTC offerings and scale existing DTC businesses.

Prioritisation Workshop

Identify the value, feasibility, and viability of the various opportunities for a business.

Proof of Concept (POC) Development

Gather customer insights quickly and prove the idea before significant investment.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Implement new products and services and bring them to market rapidly using a lean approach.

Innovation Lab Setup

Implement a structured approach to innovation, including strategy, governance, skills, and workflows.

Business Case & Market Sizing

Measure the revenue, growth, and profitability for innovation and R&D opportunities.

Optimisation Sprint

Drive product improvements through iterative, structured experimentation.

Service Design

Bring the customer experience to life in a sustainable and scalable way while considering the processes, employee experience, and tools that are required.

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